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  • The top-ranked CBI programme for 2021 is St. Lucia (A cut above rest)
  • Unspoiled exotic beaches in a wonderful destination.
  • Visa-free travel is available to more than 145 nations, including the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and the EU Schengen states.
  • Citizenship for the family and kids for life
  • Application procedure that is private and doesn’t include sharing information with other governments.
  • The most affordable citizenship programme is for single people or those without families.
  • There is no residency requirement. No interviews.
  • No need to travel to St. Lucia.
  • Very quick acceptance of citizenship in less than 60 days
  • Acquiring citizenship through real estate investment in St. Lucia
  • There are no interviews, language tests, military requirements, or business experience necessary to become a citizen.
  • Passport from Saint Lucia has five years left until expiration.
  • No wealth tax. No Income tax. No inheritance tax.
Investment Options


After Act No. 14 of 2015, the Citizenship by Financial Act, was passed on August 24, 2015, allowing foreign investors and families to get Saint Lucian citizenship through various investment avenues, the Citizenship by Investment Program of St. Lucia was established in December 2015.

  1. 100,000 USD to the National Economic Fund (non-refundable).
  2. Approved real estate projects worth USD 200,000. (hotels, resorts, boutiques, holiday homes).
  3. National Action government bonds for USD300,000 (Refunded in 5 years).
  4. Joint enterprise business projects worth USD 3,500,000 (universities, ports, research, oil, processing plans, highways, agriculture)
Update : According to new regulations, nationals of Russia and Belarus are ineligible to apply for Saint Lucia investor citizenship. From September 14, 2022, St. Lucia will no longer prohibit Iranian nationals from applying for citizenship.


The citizenship by investment scheme for 2020 has undergone substantial adjustments, according to the Saint Lucia government. For families, Saint Lucia is now considerably more affordable! Prices for families and real estate options have decreased.

Now, all applications can be submitted digitally on a specialised CBI platform. For all investment options charged by law firms, an additional agency fee applies.


The least expensive and most economical investment options for applicants are contributions to the National Fund. These are one-time, non-recoverable investments that were paid to the St. Lucian government. Prices for donations if you apply as a family are reduced by at least $25,000 as of 2020.

  • A single applicant submitting a US $100000 (no change).
  • The applicant is submitting a joint application for US $140,000 (formerly $165,000).
  • $150,000 (formerly $190,000) for applicants with a spouse and up to two other eligible dependents.
  • When applying with a spouse and two other qualifying dependents, an applicant must pay an extra $15,000 for each qualifying dependent.
  • US $25,000 for each additional qualified dependent.
  • Newborn citizen’s child who is twelve months or younger and has less than $500 USD $35,000 for the spouse of a citizen.
  • Dependents of a citizen who are eligible but are not their spouses US $25,000.
Adding Dependents Later

Additionally, by merely paying a one-time passport fee, children, a spouse, and dependents may be added later, within three years of gaining approval.

  • New born child – $5000
  • Spouse – $35,000
  • Dependent – $25,000


St. Lucia demands a $200,000 investment in real estate over a five-year period. In shares or fully titled property is possible.

For the primary applicant and any children under the age of 18 who are enrolled in school, there is a waiver of the non-refundable administration charge. This lowers the cost of real estate investing.

There are just two real estate projects currently approved by the government for CIP. Investors will only be qualified for citizenship by investment if they make investments in certain authorized developments.

  1. Alpina Saint Lucia Hotel
  2. Canelles Resort


Recently, Saint Lucia made many significant changes to its legislation to increase the allure of its citizenship-by-investment programme for families and investors.

  1. The average time to process a CIP application was lowered to 56 days, making Saint Lucia the Caribbean nation with the fastest CIP.
  2. A new electronic payment system has been launched to speed up receipt payments and prevent bank delays.
  3. The definition of a “qualified dependant” has been broadened, and all investment alternatives for citizenship now allow you to “add-on” more qualifying dependents. You can now include your spouse in addition to your children up to the age of 30, as well as your parents who are older than 55 if you are totally supporting them. You may also add a younger, unmarried sister or brother in your application.

The Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) Act 2019 has been simplified by St. Lucia.

If they apply within five years of obtaining citizenship, family relatives of CBI citizens will now also easily and quickly receive citizenship.

  • Within five years, newborn children can be added as a CBI citizen’s dependent.
  • Within five years, additional spouses may be added as CBI citizens’ dependents.
  • Reduction in the processing cost for real estate from $50,000 to $30,000.
  • Application processing took, on average, 80 days less time.
  • The CIP Board will issue licences to approved agents. All agents are required to submit to background checks, pay a USD 10,000 agent fee, and have no history of bankruptcy or criminal activity.
  • Applicants who are unable to pay for the citizenship programme within 90 days may request an extension in writing from the Board.
  • Another crucial modification is that all or any dependents likewise lose citizenship under the citizenship programme if St. Lucia revokes or denies citizenship to a CBI citizen.
  • Additionally, CBI applicants have the option of using government bonds, which require a $500K full payback after five years.

Only a $1,000 processing fee and $5,000 in due diligence costs must be paid by dependents.

One of the best citizenship by investment programmes in the Caribbean is found in St. Lucia. The state must first receive a $100,000 gift before offering citizenship.



When your local attorney files your initial application with the citizenship unit, be prepared with the following paperwork.

  1. Certified copy of Birth certificate.
  2. Certified copy of all passport pages.
  3. Provide a Police (If In USA need FBI not local police report ) for anyone 16 and over.
  4. Provide a CV / Resume for anyone 18 and over.
  5. Original birth certificate needed when applying for passport.

In addition the documents  must be accompanied with

  • Lawyer’s licence: This is the lawyer verifying that all of the documents are authentic copies.
  • The credentials of the medical examiner doing the SL 8 form are listed below.
  • If any translations need to be done, credentials for the translators must be provided.


All candidates must follow for citizenship in St Lucia via legal agent or provider provider, which is usually recommended through the Government.

  1. Sign a retainer settlement with the agent and pay a preliminary deposit (5%-10%). The agent will do a preliminary obligatory due diligence test and could request for files earlier than beginning the process.
  2. The legal agent will signal client-expert settlement and making sure the confidentiality of the files and data and could provide a inexperienced sign to begin the software process.
  3. Pay the agent carrier fee, Government due diligence, registration fee (actual property only) . The agent will manage the entirety among Government and the Client. At this factor on, the agent will take a look at and confirm all files and could release an utility with St Lucia Citizenship Unit on behalf of the client. Only certified marketers can follow on behalf of the client.
  4. St Lucia citizenship unit will take 60 days to approve the utility. Once the utility is approved, they may issue “Letter of Approval” to the agent who will teach you to make the ultimate funding quantity. You aren’t required to pay the entire quantity earlier than receiving approval letter.
  5. Once the letter of approval is received, you’re required to make the ultimate complete funding inside 21 days (bonds, actual estate, business, in case of donation – price should be made to authorities fund account).
  6. St Lucia citizenship unit verifies that the best funding has been finished and the investor and own circle of relatives might be right away issued a Certificate of Naturalization and you may acquire a St Lucia passport inside 7 days.
  7. Authorized agent will accumulate naturalization certificates and passport and could surrender to you.


Saint Lucia, that became AN freelance country/state on February 22, 1979. Saint Lucia economy is principally supported commercial enterprise and agriculture. holidaymaker business accounts for roughly 65% of value and has been established because the highest interchange earner. Saint Lucia presently ranks 77th out of 183 economies within the Doing Business Report revealed by the globe Bank.



Saint Lucia passport is one among the most effective travel documents within the world with visa free jaunt one hundred forty five countries and territories together with United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel, South Korea, Cuba, and EU schengen states and so on you’ll conjointly apply for separate US/Canada visa at any nearest yank embassy wherever you live..

As of 2022, Saint Lucia voters had visa free access to 146 countries within the world. Saint Lucia is one amongst the foremost visited holidaymaker country in the Caribbean.



The Government has approved 2 property resorts for the aim of citizenship by investment program. finance a minimum of $300,000 solely in these approved comes can qualify for citizenship.
  1. Canelles Resort
  2. Alpina St Lucia Hotel



Saint Lucia, that became associate degree freelance country/state on Feb 22, 1979. Saint Lucia economy is especially supported business and agriculture. holidaymaker business accounts for about 65% of gross domestic product and has been established because the highest interchange earner. Saint Lucia presently ranks 77th out of 183 economies within the Doing Business Report revealed by the globe Bank.

Motto: “The Land, The People, The Light”
Anthem: Sons and Daughters of Saint Lucia
Capital and largest city Castries 14°1′N 60°59′W
Official languages English
Vernacular languages Saint Lucian Creole French[1]
Ethnic groups(2010[2])
  • 85.3% Black
  • 10.9% Mixed
  • 2.2% Indian
  • 1.6% other
  • 0.1% unspecified
Demonym Saint Lucian
Government Parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy
Monarch Elizabeth II
Governor-General Pearlette Louisy
Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre
Legislature Parliament
Upper house Senate
Lower house House of Assembly
Associated State 1 March 1967
From the United Kingdom 22 February 1979
Total 617 km2 (238 sq mi) (191st)
Water (%) 1.6
2015 UN estimate 184,999
2010 Census 165,595
Density 300/km2 (777.0/sq mi)
GDP (PPP) 2016 estimate
Total $2.083 billion[3]
Per capita $11,970[3]
GDP (nominal) 2016 estimate
Total $1.439 billion[3]
Per capita $8,268[3]
HDI (2014) 0.729[4] | high · 89th
Currency East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Time zone (UTC−4)
Drives on the Left
Calling code +1 758
ISO 3166 code LC
Internet TLD .lc
Location of Saint Lucia (circled in red)in the Caribbean (light yellow)
Coat of arms


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